Business Immigration

Canada hopes to attract persons who have a significant ability to contribute to the economy of Canada through their Business Class immigration programs. The intention of these programs is to promote economic development and improve the job market by

attracting investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals from outside Canada who have venture capital, expertise in business and entrepreneurial skills.

The development of new commercial opportunities in Canada and the advancement of Canada’s access to foreign markets are also among the goals of Business Class Immigration programs.

There are several immigration pathways available to those who wish to own or manage a business in Canada. You have the option of applying for permanent residence through one of the programs offered by the specific province or you could apply through a program done by the federal government. You can explore your options by starting a free assessment to determine the best option to suit your needs.

What Canadian Business Class immigration program is most suited to you?

There are several options available depending on the amount of funds you have to invest in Canada. The Quebec Immigrant Investor program enables an investor to immigrate to Canada by making a government-secured, passive investment. However, if you are seeking a more active investment, there are a number of Entrepreneur and Provincial Nominee programs available to you. These programs require you to invest in and operate a business in Canada. The Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa Program is also another option you could look at. The best way to determine what plan is suitable to you is to fill out a free assessment and discuss your options with a specialist.

There are several categories within the Provincial Nominee Programs as well as programs at the federal level and business immigration plans offered by the province of Quebec for someone with the necessary business management and ownership experience. You can find the best program suited to you by starting a free assessment.

The most well established Business immigration programs can be found in Quebec. Those considering living in Quebec should look at the Quebec Investor Immigration Program, as well as its Entrepreneur Immigration Program. these programs are based on points and your qualifications require some special analysis. Filling out a free assessment would be the best way to familiarize yourself with the requirements for these programs and also to look at other immigration options that may be suited to you.

Each province has categories dedicated to entrepreneurs and business managers wishing to immigrate to Canada in their Provincial Nominee Programs. You are required to make an investment of your capital or management abilities in a business located in one of the provinces to be eligible for one of these programs. There are a number of programs available to you in almost all of the provinces. Start a free assessment to find out the best option for you.

Self-employed persons in various fields are welcomed to Canada based on the reputation they have built for themselves in their respective fields. These fields could range from Farming to the arts. You can start your free assessment to see if your self-employed experience makes you eligible for one of the Self-Employed Immigration Programs.